By default the scripting language used by LoadRunner is C. If there are any Java based applications recorded. To illustrate LoadRunner as a solution for load testing, this tutorial uses You use VuGen (LoadRunner’s Virtual User Generator) to create Vuser scripts. VuGen. Free HP LoadRunner Training Tutorials – LoadRunner load testing tool Online Day #5 Tutorial: VUGen Runtime Settings (Duration: ).

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Run the tests during the defined duration. You can also see that the parameters of the user name and password for the Web tours application were recorded.

VuGen(Virtual User Generator) Script Recording Example in LoadRunner

Stress Testing — This is normally conducted to find issues loxdrunner would prop up whenever there is a high load on the system. Note the line which was used for inserting the transaction for the login functionality of the application. C ompleting the recording session: Can you send me the step by step process, as it is much help fulll. Refer to snapshot below.

Ethical Hacking Informatica Jenkins. Select the Web Browser since we are using a web-based application. As a test team member, it is important to know the entire process involved when working with Load Runner scripts.


Ensure the application database has the right test data, else the performance tests might give inaccurate results.

HP Loadrunner Tutorial for Beginners

The next step is to modify your script to ensure that when it is run, it works as expected. For example, if you are load testing a web application, you need to use the HTTP protocol.

The most important step is to playback your script to ensure it works as expected. Tutrial the loadrunber topic, we will learn how to download and install LoadRunner. You can see the suggestions from Protocol Advisor. How to add Transactions to your script Transactions are used in test script to logically separate a set of actions within a business scenario. A small dialog window will also open which will provide various options to the tester while recording of the script.

The Results of the Protocol Analyzer will be displayed in the next screen.

Also ensure that each test scenario picks up different test data each time it is run. During the playback process, you will see all the tutorrial being executed in the left hand side of the screen You will also be able to see a yellow cursor which will indicate which is the loadrrunner request being serviced. Should each and every application undergo performance testing? Agents — When you execute virtual users, they take up system memory and CPU utilization.


This tutorial will use a travel service application.

Click on the Stop recording to stop the recording process. In this article, you will learn What is Performance Testing? Have a look at the screen: Click on which type of application you want to record.

Before one can start with scripting of any application SULone needs to get acquainted with the application flow. The LoadRunner architecture is shown below. A transaction is a set of end-user actions that represent typical application activity. In order to run performance tests, all key stakeholders should be in place upfront.

HP Loadrunner Tutorial for Beginners

In the next screen you will be required to provide the various recording options. Hence when the loadruner test is running, ensure that the right monitoring tools on the servers are running. Select the desired protocol from the Available Protocols list.

Click OK to close the transaction label. Why do need Performance Testing?

A common myth is that the LoadRunner does not generate code in any other language. Most of the HTML properties should be left as it is.