Berlin Game has ratings and reviews. Fergus said: ‘Love is whatever you can still betray. Betrayal can only happen if you love.’These insight. am. The inside story of the BBC adaptation of Les Misérables by the man who sexed up War and Peace. Premium. From left: Rachel Cusk. Berlin Game, UK anniversary reissue, with Schwartzman cover In the introduction to a later edition, Len Deighton stated that Bernard’s testimony in the books.

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Our man nearly gets shot by the right-wingers and killed by Russians in the Arctic, before realising the whole thing was an elaborate scam by his old boss, Dawlish, and his new boss, the American marine General Schlegel, gmae scupper German reunification talks. And Fiona, with her winsome ways and glittering intelligence – how can we not love her as her faithful hubby Bernard does? Samson has to stay one step ahead of the mole. As to Deighton, I really do think his novels have a very strong sense of place and character.

Welcome to another edition of In The Spotlight. While no one who read The Ipcress File could deny that Len Deighton was one of the great spy fiction writers, several of his other novels seem quite tired.

In The Spotlight: Len Deighton’s Berlin Game | Confessions of a Mystery Novelist

Most of the characters, despite Deighton having given good descriptions, are very badly cast. The cover, designed by Ray Hawkey, uses an illustration by Hargrave Hands, who provides the illustrations for the first three books in the series. Convoluted, intermittently fascinating and sometimes moving, but not very gripping. Bernard travels to East Berlin to assist the escape of Brahms Four, and decides at the last moment to send Brahms Four out in his place.

Full details on Wikipedia. I still haven’t made up my mind as to what makes a viable spy novel. Berlin Game, dighton beginning of the Samson series, is generally regarded as the peak of his game. They crop up here, too. You feel like slapping dejghton old Uncle Silas on the back in camaraderie as he pours you a drink. So far so normal, what makes the book so enjoyable are the twists and turns poor Samson brlin subjected Len Deighton wrote a great many books the quality of which varies from the dread inspiring Bomber to ln pretty schlocky rubbish.


Knowledge Not only must the thriller writer display his vastly superior knowledge about spy organisations, the police, hardware and so on, but about the more devious aspects of human nature.

Kennedy ‘s famous ” Ich bin ein Berliner ” remark actually translated to “I am a jelly doughnut. The result is a set of books that are like f I had read all of Len Deighton ‘s powerful “Harry Palmer” quartet, so I decided belin give his Bernard Samson novels a chance, starting with Berlin Game.

The Wende Museum Review Aug 13, DeAnna Knippling rated it really liked it. Everyone’s always cheating, drinking, smoking, and generally participating in the classism that drives British society. I remember a summer at the beach, when my husband read one after the other. Len Deighton wrote a great many books the quality of which varies from the dread berlln Bomber to some pretty schlocky rubbish.

Readers who prefer a story that keeps the focus only on the main plot will notice that Deighton discusses clothes, furniture, and other such details. Despite that, I held out hope that Deighton would go full throttle with the action after the big reveal. Another reason is that many of his British colleagues consider him more German than British. Nov 23, William rated it it was amazing Shelves: He wants out and is getting jittery, threatening the whole, painstakingly constructed network.

Spybrary Host Shane Whaley claims that this is one of the top 3 spy books ever written, if not the best! The earlier part of the series I very much enjoyed, Samson, exasperating at times, a mans man, but apparently attractive to many women. The action in this novel takes place in London bwrlin Berlin, and Deighton places the reader in both locations.


Berlin Game is a character-based espionage story that takes place against a distinctive Berlin and London background. The author can’t rely on characters who can effortlessly solve time-consuming problems.

Born in Berlin, where his father was chief of station, he speaks perfect Berlin dialect German, and carries a Berlin-like attitude to all things. Deighton was a script writer as well as many other things.

He is married to Fiona, herself quite senior in the Service — which struck me as unusual: Len Deighton was a prolific writer. A lot of time is spent by Samson meeting his old contacts in Berlin and piecing together events from five years or so back, when there was a particularly flagrant security leak from the Berlin office. Thanks for checking out my site! The only man he trusts – one-time British agent Bernard Samson, now retired and stuck behind a desk in the German section of London Central after the failure of a mission to extract another member of the Brahms network from behind the Iron Curtain – is sent from his semi-retirement back into the field in Berlin, the city in which he grew up and feels at home.

Wow, that was a great read. Jan 07, Fergus rated it really liked it. His books with very little adaptation could be scripts.

56: Len Deighton’s Berlin Game – Book Club

Deighton writes with an eye for detail. This agent has been leh in East Berlin for some time, and the agency relies heavily on information that Brahms Four provides. Bernard Samson 9 books.