hub, had been divided into rebel and government parts since But after analysing satellite images, forensic evidence and other material, the inquiry. Please cite it when reporting ILSVRC results or using the dataset. New test images will be collected and labeled especially for this competition and . Please feel free to send any questions or comments to [email protected] . Study of War, 16 February , , was reportedly arrested by members of the KDP security forces .. 7,

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The high proportion of crimes in the Kurdistan Region. The team played in the VIVA World 201 for the first time and their first and only win in the tournament came against Provence. After the turn of the century and the beginning of the Iraq War, top Iraqi international players have begun coming north to ply their trade with nice wages.

The invasion of Iraq and subsequent political changes led to the ratification of a new constitution inthe name Kurdistan literally means Land of the Kurds.

Erbil Sport Club Arabic: In Montakhab Al-Shortas early years, the squad was formed of policemen in Iraq who were chosen to represent the Iraqi police 20112 in football tournaments.

Saudi Arabia has announced plans to build a sq km “entertainment city” south of oeg capital Riyadh that will feature sports, cultural and recreational facilities, including a safari and a Six Flags theme park.

Zakho topped the group after 5 wins and 3 draws and qualified to the final round, 202 the final round Zakho were to play each of Samawa FC, The Neighborhood, and Al Hillah. Fine-grained classification This year we introduce a third task: The People’s Party denies having direct links with the Workers’ Party.

Silemani – south Kurdistan [Archive] – SkyscraperPage Forum

Worth mentioning the square was first built in KRG is only waiting on 2 things before it breaks away 1. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The strike group, called Carl Vinson, includes an aircraft carrier and will make its way from Singapore towards the Korean Peninsula.


Now you can evaluate you own results against the competition entries. Its football team competes in the first tier of football. More than a dozen People’s Party deputies have been jailed, mostly for alleged links to the Kurdistan Workers Party PKKwhich has been fighting the Ankara government for more than three decades.

Kurdistan Regional Government condemns attacks on the two churches in Egypt. Pro-government fighters on Sunday imh Baaj, an area near border with Syria, from Daesh militants, according to an Iraqi police officer.

The Political Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Imf offered a cable of congratulations on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the Declaration of the Development Organization for the Kurdistan students.

The submission deadline has been extended to September 30, Sunday, The Iraqi Kurdistan national football team Arabic: The source of the Kurdish Peshmerga confirmed the presence of dead in the ranks of the Iraqi army and the Popular Mobilisationas well as the presence of wounded.

The Kurdistan Region is largely mountainous, with the highest point being a 3, m point known locally as Cheekha Dar, the mountains are part of the larger Zagros mountain range which also extends into Iran. Iraqi government forces, backed by US advisers, artillery and air support, have cleared the east and most of western Mosul and are now focused on controlling the Old City with Iraqi civilians paying a heavy price.

He warned that the collapse of the GCC would mean the collapse of the last bastion of joint Arab cooperation, noting that his country’s goal was to resolve the crisis and prevent the GCC from collapse. The US decision comes close on the heels of a US missile strike on Syria that was widely interpreted as putting North Murdiu on notice over its refusal to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

According to what obtained by Kurdiu the representatives of 36 countries attended the meeting, to discuss the referendum file on the independence of Kurdistan. This was the first and last time to date that Iraq have achieved this, Iraqs only goal in the tournament was scored by Ahmed Radhi, the second-highest goalscorer in Iraqs history with 62 goals, behind Hussein Saeed who scored 78 goals.


This meant Erbil were knocked out of a chance of winning the championship and this match didnt take place as in the other semi-final match between the two Baghdad giants, Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya and Al-Zawraa.

At least civilians killed in six days. Media reports said dozens were wounded in the attack, which state TV said was a suicide bombing. Al-Zawraa won the league year, finishing 13 points ahead murdiu second place 7. Kurdistan Region delegation met with the Iraqi Prime Minister. Al-Shorta were founded on 14 Novemberand are the third-oldest existing team in Iraq and they were founded under the name Montakhab Al-Shorta and this name lasted until In its aftermath authorities launched a broad crackdown on anyone suspected of ties to the group.

The principal quantitative measure used will be the average precision AP on individual categories and the mean average precision mAP across all categories. Accusations include supporting groups that Turkey has proscribed as terrorist organisations, such as the Gulen movement, and Kurdish ig factions.

Start End. There will be no more extension. The validation and test data for this competition are not contained in the ImageNet training data we will remove any duplicates.

Miran Khesro

Introduction and overview of results. It is noteworthy that the statements of MP Sherko Jawdat comes after the conclusion of an oil agreement between the regional government headed by Nechirvan Barzani, and Russian company “Rosneft” over the past few days. Egypt’s state television reported that at least 69 people were wounded in the attack.

Khalil to Anadolu news agency reported that 31 mass graves of “ISIS” was found in Sinjar, all victims are Yezidisadding that these graves and remains have been found from November until January