Annex A to Lesson Plan. DK DATE: JUN UIC: EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE AND INSPECTION WORKSHEET. W1L4E1. DA FORM E. The DA Form E, is an ULLS-G form that replaces the manual DA Form , PMCS Worksheet. The E has three sections: * Equipment Data identifies. The data on DA Form E is divided into three sections. EQUIPMENT DATA; The top section of the form gives basic information from the ULLS-G equipment.

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There are five types of responsibility, and this lesson will describe of all five: When you thoroughly account for all equipment, you account for even the small things fform.

DA Form e Blank Fillable

Check Your Learning Directions This is a self-graded exercise. As long as you find no faults, you can continue to use the same DA Form Circle the letter of the correct response or fill in the blank with the correct response.

Uncorrected faults and deferred maintenance, Ref: Discuss additional maintenance form requirements. The article presents a caricature related to the right paperwork for avionic components.

Where can i get a blank DA Form 5988-E? and not on form flow?

You get supervisory responsibility because of an assignment to a specific position and the supervisory responsibility includes: Standardize supply discipline requirements. This is because of the impact this type of equipment has on operational readiness when it fails to operate. Lesson Review Summary You learned how to use four forms: The article 588e that aviation night vision goggles showed up at AVIM shops with no vorm.

To ensure conservation, use only the proper items in the necessary amounts to accomplish a task.

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Vehicle is due an oil sampling, Ref: Question 4 What information do you place in column c of the DA Form ? Identify the Purpose of Inventories and Hand Receipts. Comply with Army property accounting requirements. The following are the symbols to show the type of service scheduled: If this were a watercraft, you would enter the hull design number instead of the model number. You need to know that no one, not even the commander, can circle X an item that would endanger the operator or crew.


For financial accounting and reporting purposes, the Army categorizes property as real property or personal property. Soldiers too often think of preventive maintenance checks and services PMCS only as it applies to tanks and trucks.

Vehicle is due an oil sampling.


However, this does not affect the combat readiness of your equipment. We 59888e PMCS to inspect and maintain virtually every item of equipment and clothing we use or wear.

When you find a fault that you cannot repair, the process becomes more complicated. Flash light batteries, pencils, pens, office paper. Use Figure as we go through the steps on how to fill it out correctly. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Enter the status symbol that applies to the fault or deficiency.

In order to hold an individual responsible for property or equipment, we must assign responsibility. Assigning Property Responsibility Now that you know about inventories and hand receipts, you need to learn how we actually assign property responsibility. Lets go over the entries you may have to make on DD Form These records must show identification data, gains, losses, dues-in and dues-out, and balances on hand or in use.

Enter the serial numbers or administration numbers in ink when using the form for more than one non-reportable item.

Question 4 Correct response is: I’m a 20 yo girl doing part-time modeling for hats and a ea make-up company. This circled X status applies for one time-limited use only such as driving a vehicle with defective brakes to the maintenance shop. The article offers tips to avoid paper avalanche in offices. You can’t get a blank one on the automated system unless you need one for a specific adminbut you can use a DA Form which is what we used to use before we got ULLS, all the same info blocks.


The maintenance clerk updates the miles and hours each time the equipment returns from dispatch. Question 6 Correct Response is: Question 7 Correct Response is: DA Form Equipment receipts.

DA Form Property Book The property book is a formal set of records of all non-expendable property assigned to a unit. Equipment with deferred maintenance does not meet the Army maintenance standard.

Supply Economy The term supply economy refers to the conservation of material by all individuals dealing with Army supplies to ensure that all personnel use only the proper item in the necessary amount to accomplish a task. Introduction to Bestiality and Zoophilia. Also, you must maintain supporting documents prescribed by appropriate regulations.

This is a formal set of property accounting records and files maintained at the user level. Lesson Review Summary During this period of instruction you learned 5988f role in following, enforcing, and supervising property accounting requirements. Records and Use or Care, Ref: To do that, you should look at DD Form We will discuss the DA Form later in the lesson. Check the DA Form to see if someone has already identified the fault and acted on it.