centurian enslaved sissy maid porn-porno Galleries, Found Most Popular centurian enslaved sissy maid videos Displaying best centurian enslaved sissy maid. enslave and transform men into sissies, maids, she-males and sluts. A note from the editor of CENTURIAN PUBLISHING. Thank you for the great response. It is a publication of Centurian Publishing, Inc., and is dis- tributed by Centurian . In our last issue, Enslaved Sissies #5 we transposed the pictures on page 4.

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Leaving the cum everywhere else I cleaned her cock with a cold rag. This catalog has every type you can think of, metal ones and leather ones. My lover made it last for almost an hour by stopping and going again, centuriaj great pleasure in her tight ass muscles wrapped around his throbbing cock.

In no time at all I had him in frilly aprons and darling girls’ outfits, working more in the house than the office. One week the movie was about Diced crossdressing, with the male being ominated by a sexy woman who resembled Ashley. Next I then inserted a pole up inside him and tied his ankles together so he was implanted on it. Finally I found Ray, who lived across the hall in my apartment building. It was so frustrating! Things like leather straps, gags, shoes, clothing and even an FL.

She also took your vitamins that really soften her skin. Kristen almost never lets her in-house sissy, Dolly, out in public. Everything from cock harnesses and locking sheaths and chastity belts. It would all depend on my mood. Ralph was die only one who really loved being the feminized captive, and I never had to switch roles unless I felt like a litde variety.


His cock stood at attention with no need for any help at the site of my bound slave. It intrigued me to no end. Now that sounded like fun.

Full text of “Enslaved Sissies And Maids”

How dare he try to leave me after I had given him 7 years of my life. Betty is bound up at night and during the day she cleans, cooks and keeps the house. See it all started when he went though his mid-life crisis and started sleeping around on me.

Of course when I was done with him he would look much different. UteTO- Nome Raw uterus concentratelomg.

[PDF] Centurian-Enslaved Sissy Maid Vol08 – Free Download PDF

Even through the gag I could centuriah he was screaming in pain. A centuriam more work goes into putting these two magazines out. He believed her when she said she had found him the perfect sissy sneakers. I faithfully took the feminizing pills and used the creams until discovering that my small penis was shrinking while my pert tits were growing and my body was becoming more rounder and softer, and my long brown hair was even silkier.

Enslaved Sissy maid 3

She became noticeably more submissive, meek and timid. He confessed his love of pretending to be a girl and, intrigued, I indulged him. Tabatha, she declared, was to be his fantasy name. Under no circumstances are minors to be offered, possess, or purchase this publication.


Centurian-Enslaved Sissy Maid Vol08

We drove several hours to Reno to your Romantic Sensations Boutique, which was a delightful, eye-opening experience, and we wished we had even more money to spend. I was surprised to find him busy mopping the floor when I returned home, the clothes folded and he had dinner cooking on the stove. I created a couple drawings of what a sissy should wear when he leaves the house.

He refused but I pinched his nipples until he agreed.

When we go out, we go out as man and wife. At the time I thought it interesting that some women turned their sisdy and husband into she- male slaves, taking possession of all their assets, having the sissy serve the wife as well their new lover. How does feel, you rotten cock sucking son a bitch?

There are two herbs with natural estrogen in them that will give you the same effect as estrogen without all the side effects of possible cancer, loss of erection, etc. I spent months, and spared no expense, creating just the right look. They were excited but on their way out for a golf match.

There was no way I was letting him go or splitting all our stuff, I had to do something. Has dainty stretch mid strap.