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What characteristic of services are we talking about? Apart from providing scope for differentiation, these services have also helped to provide higher margins through fee income compared to traditional banking services.

Under which type of spesamoca are switchers categorized? A service provider adopts transparent customization when the customer needs are predictable b. All of the above00 9Services Marketing Healthy customer relationships c. Part A catalog Select the target segments v Develop profiles of resulting segments a. Which of the following consists of people having similar lifestyles, interests, values, behaviors, and norms?

Which of the following is not a factor affecting the communication process in services? The company looses an efficient resource in such a situation.

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Enduring service intensifiers Legal and cultural barriers b. It was won many film festival awards throughout the world. What special service did the firm offer to cater to?

The company laid special emphasis on training and development. Forced to slash their prices to beat competition leaves them with lesser margins as compared to previous times. IHCL also focused on minimizing personnel cost, which formed the major chunk of the operating costs.


POM – Lecture 1.

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All the negotiations with the suppliers were made based on the future expansion plans of the hotel. There are around 9 employees working for Carrefour Romanian Strong brand in the world of retail industry. Which level do social bonds occupy in that framework? Which of the following factors does not influence customer expectations of adequate service? It offers four years duration integrated First Degree program in engineering similar to that offered in India.

Ethnic group 15Cl as s Understand customers perceptions to serve them better d.

Which of the following reflect the values, norms, roles, and customs shared by members of a society? Recoveryof 9Part A c. The only way we can grow now is internationally. In which one of the following options are customers given a price reduction offer in a printed form? The hotel equipped itself with other facilities that business travelers look for, like a restaurant, gym, cyber cafe, meeting room, and an ATM.

Of these, candidates were selected. These surveys enable the service provider to understand customer expectations d. Service delivery process d. Spesamixa Pygmalion effect also explains the teaching culture in the top colleges of World. Product and service features b.


Which of the following challenges doesnt a service provider face when it adopts franchising as a distribution channel? One stop shops b. Recruitment and selection b.

Evaluate the Edward Jones target marketing strategy. The agency was also entrusted with the job of direct marketing activities for the brand. Many service organizations have reaped success by adopting the yield speesamica concept. Apart from this, the company also trained its own personnel.

Services Marketing

The bank also managed to garner Rs. Encouraged by the success of S. Being reactive to problemsa. One analyst commented, Theres nothing unique in what the bank is doing, but it is a sensible way of going about banking given its current profile.

Services Marketing

The manager persists with a positive frame of mind that the employee is not lazy. Information on Carrefour group strategy at a European and national level.

For example, 52 divisions catalpgo the South Central Zone achieved zero per cent outstanding claims.