The Spiritmaster class is not the most natural path of progression from href=”http ://” target=”_blank”>the. How does one become a Spiritmaster? In Aion there are what is known as base classes. There are a total of 4 base classes and every player. Blade of earth – removed . no comment best group skill of the sm. and those CD changes ok this will be totally dumb thats for sure. another.

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Spiritmasters are the only class to have the ability to use pets, and because of that, they have endless possibilities at psiritmaster Kinah with almost zero downtimeprovided that you know all the right strategies and techniques.

SM 6.0 Skill changes

Your performance while playing Aion using manual keystrokes may be adequate or even good, but we’ve got a list of the most effective macros that changes your gameplay performance completely, from good to godlike. Prove to everyone that your Spiritmaster is no wimp, especially when up against those plated Gladiators and Templars! Your wind pet is like an assassin.

No matter what style you aim to play, the Aion Spiritmaster reference contains all the necessary Stigma skill details to get you to the top, all because you’ve made the right skill choices and know how to use them to their highest potential. This guide is available for instant download! Learn the best laid out leveling path that a Spiritmaster should take to speed-level all the way from 1 to 50 spiritmasfer 2 weeks.


Spiritmaster Class Guide created by Zumbaro

The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men This is the pet you want to keep by your side, spiriitmaster at the very least, stick on a target to interrupt such as a ranged mob or a sorcerer until your party can focus on the target.

You also get 4 energy orbs corresponding to the 4 appropriate elements that are temporary. You are not logged in. I feel like abandoning my sm from now. This is essential in combat as it aids in front load damage. Although, don’t let this remove all hopes in ever using an orb for you. This site is protected by international copyright laws. The Aion Spiritmaster handbook shows how you can vanquish your guidd weaknesses and maximize its strengths.

What is a Spiritmaster? For one, with each upgrade spiritmaater aquire your pet grows bigger, stronger and more awe-inspiring.

spiritmasfer Just log into your account and download the update for free! Upon completing this quest it will ask you what path you want i.

Some details that none of the DBs indicate which I can read on the skills. These do the appropriate damage type of their element but can only attack targets within 25m of you. At least that spirjtmaster how I played my sm. Spiritmaster Wiki Aion Source: Unfortunately, nothing much is known about these 2 pets.

What is the difference between a Sorcerer and a Spiritmaster? The Magma pet is currently a hybrid pet. From here, these base classes branch off into 2 new classes per base class. Typically one spends more time resting than they do leveling with this pet out while solo PvEing.

What is done is not what can be done – his is how all players play.


Aion – Spiritmaster Class Guide (Beta)

Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. There are a total of 4 different types of energy orbs, each corresponding to the 4 iaon water, earth, fire, wind.

The orbs are servants much like your pets, only they work slightly different. How many do you get and what kind?

By knowing the exact skills to use against each class and the summons to use for each specific fight, your Spiritmaster becomes virtually untouchable and thereby unbeatable in all PvPvE situations, even when faced with those pesky Assassins. We here at Killer Guides are so certain you’ll love this guide that we are offering a full 60 day money-back guarantee. Luckily, the Aion Spiritmaster Guide can give you just that.

The offered products are not official guides. Each skill lets you summon two energy orbs. Spriitmaster are no more scrolls, therefore you remove mostly skill buffs.

Aion Online Spiritmaster Guide

See more Aion guides. You may only have 1 pet up at a time.

With the right set of macros to support your gameplay, you’ll feel a notable difference especially during intense PvPvE situations where every millisecond giude and pressing the wrong hotkey sequence is not an option. Which should I choose? Stop running around randomly and grinding any enemy that pops up for experience.