ADuC/ADuC/ADuC Rev. B. Document Feedback. Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no. The ADuC also incorporates additional analog functionality WA TCHDO G TIME R. UART,I2C AND SPI. SERIA L I/O. ADuC XT AL2 .. data sheet. ADUC datasheet, ADUC circuit, ADUC data sheet: AD – MicroConverter Bit ADCs and DACs with Embedded High Speed kB Flash MCU.

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These can be used as independent registers or combined into a single bit register depending on the timer mode configuration. Cleared by the user to allow the interval counter to be automatically reloaded and audc841 counting again at each interval timeout.

Set by the user to enable, or cleared to disable power supply monitor interrupts.

It is also receive-buffered, meaning it can begin receiving a second byte before a previously received byte has been read from the receive register.

Port Placement – Center for Vascular Diseases. The ID of the next channel to be converted is read from external memory. The datashet bit is skipped and the 8 data bits are clocked into the serial port shift register. During the sampling phase with SW1 and SW2 in the track positiona charge proportional to the voltage on the analog input is developed across the input sampling capacitor. This means that unloaded, each output is capable of swinging to within less than mV of both AVDD and ground.

The model has not been released to general production, but samples may be available. The default core clock is the PLL clock divided by 8 or 2.


A better solution, recommended for adkc841 with any amplifier, is shown in Figure The sample rate is then simply the inverse of the total conversion time described previously.

ADuC841 ADuC842 ADuC843 /

The upper bytes of RAM can be accessed only through indirect addressing because it shares the same address space as the SFR space, which can be accessed only through direct addressing.

In situations where analog input signals are proportional to the power supply such as in some strain gage applicationsit may be desirable to connect the CREF pin directly to AVDD. The package for this IC i. Cleared by the user to use the internal reference. Port 1 digital output capability is not supported on this device. The external memory must be preconfigured. Set to 1 for gain calibration. The physical interface to the serial data network is via Pins RxD P3.

Features of this architecture include inherent guaranteed monotonicity and excellent differential linearity. Scale the clock source for the PWM counter as follows: This automatic capture facility can extend through a 16 MByte external data memory space.

This is the date Analog Devices, Inc. Note that the divide-by prescaler is not fatasheet on the single-cycle core. Due to environmental concerns, ADI offers many of our products in lead-free dataseet.

Priority for time interval interrupt. Set by the user to 1 to select an external clock input on P3. Therefore, if a negative supply is available, you might consider using it to power the front end amplifiers. In full power-down mode, both the PLL and the clock to the core are stopped. External Memory Addresses A If this bit daatasheet not set by the user within the watchdog timeout period, the watchdog generates a reset or interrupt, depending on WDIR.

Port pins and DAC output pins retain their states in this mode. Cleared by the user to disable I2C stop interrupts. Data is received or transmitted in slave mode only when the SS pin is low, allowing the parts to be used in single-master, multislave SPI configurations. Table 12 lists some recommended op amps.


Analog Devices

This pin function must be enabled via the CFG register. The 8 bits are transmitted with the least significant bit LSB first. Output of the Inverting Oscillator Amplifier.

On-chip factory firmware supports in-circuit serial download and debug modes via UART as well as single-pin emulation mode via the EA pin. Port 3 pins also have various secondary functions as described in Table Set by software to specify edge-sensitive detection, that is, 1-to-0 transition.

The format of the ADC bit result word is shown in Figure Port 0 is also the multiplexed low order address and data bus during accesses to external program or data memory.

Analog Devices ADuC

The upper 3 bits of TL0 are indeterminate and should be ignored. Also note that retention lifetime, based on an activation energy of 0. Mode 2 is selected by setting SM0 and clearing SM1. However, if the first byte still has not been read by the time datashdet of the second byte is complete, the first byte is lost.

The appropriate value for T3FD can be calculated with the following formula: Therefore, to ensure specified operation, use a clock frequency of at least kHz and no more than 20 MHz.