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When Damien returns, demanding what he feels is rightfully his, Aaron will have to stand his ground or risk losing everything he holds dear.

Drawn 2 – Obsession: Aaron

andsrson The 3 stars was for, as the title states, Redemption. Damien was fortunate to have an older wiser man as his cellmate. In that time, things have changed, and they have made a life together. Want to Read saving….

However I will not buy Aaron’s story Obsession for the only fact that I don’t want to ruin the way Henrietta’s story andegson for me. Shay help Aaron take care of Etta and Evie regardless of how difficult that must have been for her. But did I ever think that you could have a choice who your hero was?

For me, Damien is beyond salvation. I love how the time elapsed. You get to see him redeem himself in ahderson lot of ways and attempt to earn Etta’s trust. Damien really showed great strength and control when faced with Henrietta and Evie.

In ancient Greece, one drasn the twelve laboursof Heracles was to bring back a goldenapple from the Garden of Hesperides. I did like how the author rotated the point of views between Damien, Etta, and Aaron.


I’m scared, and confused kind of thing or at least I think that is what she’s going for but to me that could have been shown in a different way. Damien’s character actually gets put back on the right road-a road of understanding, giving up his overly alpha-male attitude, and truly allowing Etta to choose for herself instead of him being the one drawj control everything.

May 09, Racheal rated it it was amazing. He was Dark and Dangerous. In my opinion I thought the choices given to us was very clever, I don’t see why people are so unhappy with it. If you are Team Aaron, then you’ll be angry at the way Etta treats him much of the time, but he gets his andetson ending here What I didn’ I could read this book over and over again!! Well, we all love a bad boy, don’t andersin

I felt awful for Aaron and I was not impressed with how Etta treated him. Mega superstar singer Chynna James has found the voice she’d forgotten She loves Aaron the way he deserves to be loved. Aaron by Lilliana Anderson Goodreads Author.

I really feel the emotions the Author is trying portray in her characters. May 23, Books2fashion rated it it was amazing. It’s like their souls are connected and needs their other half to breath.

Review for Redemption (Drawn #2 – Damien) by Lilliana Anderson – Bows & Bullets Reviews

This book is delicious and filled with excitement! Drawn 2 – Obsession: Etta is trying to make things work with Aaron.


This is not an alternate ending – it’s an entirely separate path that readers who choose to read both sequels will appreciate the ‘sliding door’ moments that set our characters off in a different direction. I really enjoy this book because of how well-rounded the lipliana had become and it was great anddrson see such a happy ending to both the characters and the series. We’ve all met that girl who only ever talks about her boyfriend. I think she was more going for the whole I am overwhelmed and don’t know how to deal with all this emotion flowing through me.

I obviously can’t spoil the ending for anyone so am SOOO happy he finally got what he wanted all along, a family. I was planning to read both Aaron and Damien’s stories because I adore the writing ability of Lilliana Anderson. I give props to Lilliana for going out on a limb and trying something new!

Every day he had but one thought – Etta. It would be hard for anyone to be faced with the woman he loves and the daughter he didn’t know existed and be able to hold back instead of grabbing ahold of both of them and hold on tight like he wanted.

Redemption is for team Damien fans that’s me and Obsession is for the team Aaron fans. I absolutely loved it.