Samuel Huntington argued in that we had entered not a unipolar world but. The Unipolar Moment Revisited. Charles Krauthammer. Charles Krauthammer. In “The Unipolar Moment,” Krauthammer wrote that, “Communism is indeed finished The last of the messianic creeds that have haunted this. For more information on this publication: Please contact the Belfer Communications Office. For Academic Citation: Krauthammer, Charles. “The Unipolar Moment.

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The authors offer alternative counterterrorism and homeland security strategies, ones that play to American confidence rather than fear, while making us safer.

Furthermore, the US also now seems prepared to concede significant influence to Iran there, unless they have placed their faith entirely in Iraqi nationalism transcending all, which seems a little unlikely. I think after the Cold War was won, the real intellectuals abandoned politics and left its for the true believers who are ujipolar to look at themselves in the mirror with a critical eye.

Globalization has led to an interconnected international system and although the US dominates world politics, it cannot do so without the consent of other international players. The new unilateralism defines American interests far beyond narrow self-defense.

The Unipolar Moment

It certainly seems to correspond with US activities in Iraq. Greg, I appreciate your comments. Strategic arms control is one consequence of this, one might argue. The other day I observed a bridge being constructed.

Instead of a combination of economic and political superiority supported by the West, solely military power is at the center of his criteria for unipolarity. Where GDP goes, influence follows. Thus its impact into the region is limited to the participation of other countries as well.

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However, over time the norm against war has hardened; at some point, the norm becomes self-supporting, and we can safely remove the temporary support structures. Nevertheless, one has to acknowledge that the security threat discourse of krauthmmer G. The notion of the unipolar moment of the US is even more challenged when it comes to the civil war in Syria since sole US impact is non-existent and would unipoar if it were unipolar.


Economic, military superiority as well as political influence throughout the world was coined to be the unipolar moment of the United States in the world system since there was no other challenging superpower and according to Krauthammer in no other superpower was to emerge in the near future. It is in a profound sense, un-American. Nuclear or chemical or biological devices multiply power. Perhaps most significantly it hints at conflicts to come over the timetable for a US withdrawal.

This presents the idea that states were unwilling to challenge the status quo of 14 Krauthammer, Charles. To achieve this objective, the revisionist state can attempt to acquire more territory, alter the distribution of power or change the alignment of other states to suit its national interest.

Donations are voluntary and not required to download the e-book – your link to download is below. Thus, many countries that were able to balance the Cold War superpower rivalry in the Middle East feared kruathammer out-coming unipolarity of the United States after the collapse of the Soviet Union Korany in Fawcett I appreciate the comments above. This account will be preceded by an explanation of the unipolar moment establishing a theoretical framework.

There is a certain reality to all this that seems inescapable to me.

How did this come about? We could be about to see something really interesting.

The Self-Help State For a state to enjoy considerable dominance the way the United States has it requires significant material resources, economic, political and diplomatic power and lastly a strong military.

The Tragedy of Great Power Politics. Unilateralism may be required to pursue this end… What is the essence of that larger interest? This is not just an America in decline. Bush Administration to justify the invasion in Iraq resulted in support from so-called secondary powers, e. The sustained period within which the United States of America has dominated the international system without being challenged has undoubtedly shaped the world we live in.


The Cold War was the rivalry of two opposite great powers with strong economic, military, political and social influence throughout the world Varisco In fact, I have written numerous times on this very issue.

The results are now in. It therefore can be argued that the transnational terrorism of Al-Qaida has managed to decrease US unipolarity since it led to the self-destruction of the United States by economically ruining the country through military spending and therefore limiting its soft power capabilities. But we can work to make it not so by following the Chinese example of investing in clean energy research.

Here is James Madison — a real American — who was quite explicit that he did not want an overgrown military branch: The US is down to 50, troops in Iraq, with a monthly pullout program to reduce them to 10, by Nov Millennium-Journal of International Studies These are what we face. Furthermore, the extent of US dominance of the 21 Walt, Stephen. However, even if this holds universally true, it does not define the time frame for such a new balance to emerge nor does it take into consideration the damage done in the interim period of anarchy.