of Documents under UCP Interna tional S tandard Banking Practic e. ISBP At the time ISBP Publication was approved by the Banking . April The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) today introduced the edition of International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP), the most. Responses to Specific ISBP Provisions. (The following information supplements “ISBP One Year Later: LC Specialists. Surveyed” by Kent Zimmerman.

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This latest publication is the first complete revision of the ISBP guide, which was first approved and published by the ICC Banking Commission infollowing an update in UCP has new provisions you and your colleagues will need to know:.

The edition of ISBP covers, among others, practices identified from Opinions approved by ICC national committees sinceand also features the following documents which were not previously covered:. Effective since July Definition of when an Incoterm must be reflected in the documents What documents need to be dated and signed?

It also assists recipients of a documentary credit in its creation and presentation of documents to a nominated bank or issuing bank.

International Chamber of Commerce. Many more practical and invaluable advice on air waybill, charter party bill of lading, forwarders cargo receipts and insurance documents that you must know and be familiar with. Which supplements and clarifies the UCP further with the latest ISBP clarifiying key principles of documents preparation, detailed rules for the examination of documents.


In light of comments from users, the banking commission has decided to both update and expand the current ISBP to take in a range of new topics such as transfer, amendments, etc. What is the difference between “invoice in one copy” and “a copy of invoice”? It achieves this by providing readers with detailed practices to be considered and applied when working with different trade documents including invoices, transport documents, insurance documents, and certificates of origin.

213 is the latest rule on the starting date of a days sight draft if the presented documents are discrepant? Related news and speeches.

What do “stale documents and third party document acceptable “exactly mean”?

An invaluable source of practical information for trade finance professionals and academics, this revised edition of ISBP provides readers with the lates ICC approved guidelines for all parties to documentary credits. The ISBP addresses a range of subjects, for example, typing errors, mathematical calculations, drafts and how they are drawn, description of the goods in invoices and signing of bills of lading, among others.

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Learn more and set cookies. Because the UCP rules are general in nature, it was necessary to define in greater detail the term “international standard banking practice”, first found in UCP sub-article 13 athe previous version of the UCP. By continuing your visit to this site, you accept the use of cookies to make easier to navigate and to make statistics of visits.


What was previously considered as a discrepancy is now no longer valid discrepancies for an Issuing Bank to reject Payment.

Understanding the UCP & ISBP |

ISBP details banking practices to be applied on documentary credits. It also provides coverage of documents which are not specifically mentioned in UCP. Contact us Find a document Become a member Careers More sites. How to handle misspelling, typing errors and address different from an LC?

International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP ) | USCIB

This new edition of ISBP does not amend Ixbp but moreover demonstrates how its principles and content should be integrated into day-to-day practice. Must title of a document be identical with that stipulated in an LC’? ISBP is the most up to date, comprehensive guide to handling and examining trade documents under documentary credits.

Must all bills of lading be marked “originals”? How to interpret partial and late shipment under sea, air and land transport documents? Relevant for Customer service staff, order processing staff, shipping and logistics staff issbp import and export documentation. Is shipment of additional goods free of charge or over-insurance a discrepancy?

Banking Course Series www. The revision contains major changes to rules which govern billions of dollars each year in letter of credit transactions.