The link between Hitlerism and a millenarian, necessarily esoteric, and in any case suggestive tradition is a thesis that Miguel Serrano enunciated in Chile well . However, after the war and its apparent loss, there was no other way for Hitlerism than the esoteric development. For me, Esoteric Hitlerism is being possessed. French-born Greek-English writer Savitri Devi was the first major post-war exponent of what has since become known as Esoteric Hitlerism. According to that.

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So we have myths and stories to describe it. Want to know when Steven Dotson adds new books to this category? The Gods did not realize that they would have to fall so very far, to lose One another, to have to be split apart, to feel agony, to feel so very much in order to reunite with their opposite. Print this post Uma Mulher Contra o Tempo: With the end of Bolshevist Russia, international capitalism is destroying national borders and sovereign states.

This does not mean that in the Thule Society there were not great personalities, like Rudolf Hess, Alfred Rosenberg and Gottfried Feder, the real creator of the economy of the Third Reich.

Copies of this book were rounded up by the Allies after their “glorious victory” for “freedom” in and burned. Life is able to be spiritualized and the economy is put in second place. Savitri Devi Forever and Ever: Like Savitri and other occult Nazis, Serrano believed that Adolf Hitler had been more than just a phenomenal political and military leader but was the penultimate avatar of the Hindu god Visnu, and would herald the coming of the final avatar, Kalki, who would show no mercy but transvaluate all values and make Hitler himself seem tame in comparison.

Expanding on a story from gitlerism Book of EnochSerrano ewoteric that a hitllerism group among the gods committed miscegenation with the terrestrial races, thus diluting the light-bearing blood of their benefactors and diminishing the level of divine awareness on the planet. Shiva is the same as Wotan. Politically there is not a solution, unless there is an intervention by the Hitlerists who survived the catastrophe of World War II, and who set up a new science and technology.


The kundalini process enforces the spine, the Pole, to straighten itself. A Record of Two Friendshipsesoterc published.

Print this post Now in Paperback! See all 8 reviews. It was very late in her life when we started to write each other. In these interviews Jung stated that Hitler was possessed by the collective unconscious of the Aryan race. Esoteric Hitlerism September 25, The mountain is a tantric symbol of Totality and wholeness.

Because Love can also be cold. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat It is the sexual chakra. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. He did not speak or write at all, therefore, it is impossible for him to have done this. In the east they have various terms for this well known process.

Serrano suggests that the sudden appearance of Cro-Magnon Man with his high artistic and cultural achievements in prehistoric Europe records the passage of one such divya -descended race hitlerizm the abysmal inferiority of Neanderthal Manan abomination and manifest creation of the demiurge Book of the Resurrection”.

At this point the weapon used is Implosive Electro-Magnetism. To judge and protect. Through these dimensions one can enter and exit analog worlds. Lucifer is the Bearer of the Light of Knowledge.

The third act is Resurrecting.


Print this post New Release! A new age will bring the sun again, in a New Earth, or in the soul of the actual Earth, and to prevent her from perishing with everything else. I have just finished this masterpiece by Don Serrano.

Jung, in an interview before the war, compared Adolf Hitler to Mohammed. In a series of interviews between andJung characterized Hitler as an archetype, often manifesting itself to the complete exclusion of his own personality.


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One of the greatest little books one will ever read, with more truth packed inside its pages than one will find in volumes of other so-called “mass-terpieces” of profane literature. All below the heart is of the Golden Sun.

Through these portals my Master communicated with Hitler.

But I know nothing about it. The heart and above is the Saturnian realm of the Black Sun.

For her, the swastika was an especially important symbol, as she felt it symbolized Aryan unity of Hindus and Germans. This is an old Aryan concept, which is not unlike traditional Greek thought, and the initiation of the Mysteries of Apollo gitlerism Dyonisus.

The Golden Cord, Esoteric Hitlerism by Miguel Serrano

We are now at the end of the Cycle, or Kaliyuga. Through these portals the U. Then comes the third eye which is sight and light. Of all the races on earth, the Aryans alone preserve the memory of their divine ancestors in their noble blood, which is still mingled with the light of the Black Sun. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a hitlerisn.

Esoteric Nazism – Wikiwand

Is Esoteric Hitlerism the coming new religion? Hitlerism and Nazism are completely the opposite of a military dictatorship. The Chakras in Simplicity The problem with the West and esoteric tradition is that a hitlerrism Puritanical ethos has made it difficult to talk about things without seeming taboo.

Serrano follows the Gnostic tradition of the Cathars fl. For this reason, we cannot transplant the spirit of a foreign race into our own mentality without sensible injury to the latter, a fact which does not however, deter sundry natures of feeble instinct from affecting Indian philosophy and the like.