Prince of Ayodhya (Book One of the Ramayana) [Ashok K. Banker] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THIS IS BRAND NEW BOOK. Ashok Kumar Banker is an author and screenwriter. His writing spans crime thrillers, essays, .. Prince of Ayodhya (); Siege of Mithila (); Demons of Chitrakut (); Armies of Hanuman (); Bridge of Rama (); King of. The original Ramayana was written in Sanskrit by a reformed thief-turned-sage named Valmiki, possibly as long ago as 2, B.C. Now, with breathtaking.

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The story itself may be a great tale, but, if so, Banker isn’t the one to tell it. We have noble young princes who will discharge their honourable duties to protect the realm of their ailing father. They have bigger roles to play in the next books of the series. Got to read the other books to see how far this goes.

I admit, the pace of the book maybe slow by some readers’ standards, but almost every page thoroughly enjoyable regardless. As you read the novel they will be well etched in your mind.

I have not read the original and have only made do with the epic serial on DD channel during the prex7 TV days — I find this piece interesting to delve in.

Several of these genre publications have bankker that his was the first speculative fiction by an Indian author writing in English to be published.

Prince of Ayodhya

Many of Banker’s original screenplays have been optioned or purchased for production but remain unproduced to date due to the daunting budgets required to bring his epic stories to the big screen. Banker says no, he was an asura and plotting to overthrow the bakner world.


The plot is gripping, the narration never falters, the subtle details of Dharma and Adharma will keep you engrossed till the end.

So, don’t expect much trouble in the journey. Any fantasy readers read this book?

Ashok Banker – Wikipedia

They have just returned from their student years at Guru Vashishta’s gurukul, and begun to know their family again. Describing himself as a ‘post-racial post-religious’ Indian.

The first pages are literally just the first day of the Ramayana. All thanks to the Ramayana TV serial that was telecast-ed on Doordarshan in those days.

I would like to give credit ashko its due. Hats off to Mr Banker for pulling this off much before Mythological Fiction was popularised by the currently ruling writers. See the full review here http: The book does a really good job presenting some of the myths of India.

Tataka Vadh – though significant in many ways, normally gets done with in 5 minutes in every dance show I have seen. This series claims to be a faithful modern rendition of Valmiki’s work. My librarian told me that this book might be missing as she could not locate it in the shelves.

Sanskrit terms are used all peince the book, with no explanation or translation except a glossary in the back. Sep 28, Uthpala Dassanayake rated it liked it. Had I known there wasn’t much to read, I would have gladly skipped sections of the book. So what if you are the brother of a demi-god and have been given the powers or strength to counter the vagaries of abominated beings Rakshasas – you can still die a horrible death!


He was earlier also known as a prolific reviewer and commentator on contemporary Indian literatureand as a candid essayist with a vanker focus on media hypocrisy in India, and the western racial bias against South Asian writers. It has been 3 years thence. This is epic storytelling, at an epic pace, which is not at all to say that it is a tedious read; you just can’t be expecting that the major villain, Ravana, will be defeated, or that he will even make much of an As a big fan of the RamayanaI have to admit being predisposed to liking this book.

I have been on a mythological trip for a while now. This book reads like a story. It has been called “super-cool” The Hindu”a milestone” India Today and “a magnificent labor of love” Outlook and appeared on most major recommended reading lists during its publication.

First published inVertigo was highly praised by critics and readers alike at the time, including the late Dom Moraes. Also, Hindustani words like “khamosh” and “wafadar” which again seemed out of pl From all I’d read about this series, I expected to enjoy this a lot but I was pretty disappointed.

Even the dialogues are childish.

I like to read different versions of the same things, in different scriptures. But nothing more scary than that. Thank god it’s done. Some of the actual lines of the royal family and their community seemed to be straight from the popular soap versions.