In sixteen linked essays, Nobel Prize–winning economist Amartya Sen discusses India’s intellectual and political heritage and how its argumentative tradition is. When Amartya Sen titles a book The Argumentative Indian, the reader naturally assumes something by way of an autobiography. (Or, as a friend teased. The Argumentative Indian, by Amartya Sen. India’s faith in freedom. By Pavan K Varma; Friday 12 August 0 comments.

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When Amartya Sen titles a book The Argumentative Indianthe reader naturally assumes something by way of an autobiography.

Observer review: The Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen | Books | The Guardian

In the case esn Tagore xen, novelist, short story writer, essayist, playwright, educationist but chiefly known in the West as a poetthe revisionism happened very much during his lifetime. Those Buddhas and frescos were destroyed eleven months later. One of my favorite essays was the penultimate one, “India Through Its Calendars,” which touches on these themes through the various calendars that have been used in India: You can feel the presence of Gandhi, Tagore, Ashok and Akbar, whom Sen conspicuously admires and looks up to, almost throughout all the essays – I wouldn’t hesitate from calling them the primary protagonists of this book.

For example, among the people who suffer from caste inequality those who are the most dispossessed are likely to be affected the most. Most Indians have a largely black and white attitude towards things: Professor Sen is one of these few economist superstars who are also widely known outside their own academic field – he is actually, to the best of my knowledge, the only scholar who has held chairs in both economics and philosophy.

By Subhash K Jha It is a miracle that this vital documentary throwing light on one of India’s brightest minds, ever made into theatres. His films are authentically Indian, rooted in the province of their origin Bengal and indisputably great. He rejects that claim completely and spends much of the book reviewing the history of two major Indian leaders – Ashoka and Akbar – as examples of India’s pre-colonial embrace of pluralism and multiculturalism.


You see the same things, referenced again and again; compilation books are not only repetitive—how much text is wasted skimming the surface of the Gujurat Massacre ten separate times, rather than hitting it once with depth and vigor—but the tone is so disparate there is next to amqrtya authorial voice to guide you through the narrative.

Sen was best known for his work on the causes of famine, which led to the development of practical solutions for preventing or limiting the effects of real or perceived shortages of food. Sen is a cosmopolitan and an Indian — and ajartya, of course, would see no contradiction in those terms. I suspect that the book could be 70 pages in length without sacrificing on a single idea.

He is currently the Thomas W. An attempt is made to show how these divisions are not mutually exclusive of each other, and how they can be tackled. It’s one The Argumentative Indian is one of my all time favourites.

‘The Argumentative Indian’: Insight into Amartya Sen’s genius

There is a fascinating study of Indian calendars. There argukentative only one problem with his rich and instructive book: So, while these reserves are an insurance against famines, the poor are still not helped. Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen’s essays on history, philosophy, art, politics, economics, culture, and identity do a lot to highlight this diversity.

And for Asia, and for the world.

Also, his extreme anti-right stand was much too obvious. It is basically a collection of incisive and insightful essays that Nobel prize winner Amartya Sen had written over his career.

Aug 12, Ethan rated it really liked it.

Two, there are close to no statistics supporting most arguments except the essay on the two sexes I suspect those were easier to procure. It gives the reader a wholesome experience about India.

He is not immovable in his opinions either. I understand that Sen put them all together in one book, but if he had edited them to reduce redundancy, that would have made it easier to read. The book is somewhat rescued by the second half: His euphoric embrace of Ashoka and Akbar are bound to mislead a Western reader who is unlikely to realize that they were significant outliers to an at least tepid, and sometimes disturbing, mean. Oct 08, Anshul Thakur rated it really liked it.


History of India, like every other part of world, does contain nightmarish elements, but it also involves people of dissimilar convictions coexisting peacefully in creative activities of literature, music, painting, jurisprudence etc. Part II By no way does Dr. Aug 05, Tanvika rated it really liked it Shelves: Sen should focus on Economics and leave history to historians.

He has argued what else can one expect in a book with nidian title like that, right!! Jumping from link to link and page to page on the internet inures one somewhat to the majesty of the amaetya existence of a connected universe; convergence in details buried deep within page books is the type of thing that might goad a reader into seeking out their next book based on a desire to learn more about those star-crossed statues. Although I would like a word against Mr. The Argumentative Indian has brought together a selection of writings from Sen that outline the need to understand contemporary India in the light of its long argumentative tradition.

The book highlights this.

The Argumentative Indian: Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity

Would be happy to hear your comments. Therefore it hurts me deeply when the cry of rejection rings loud against the west in my country with the clamour that the Western education can only injure us.

One entire part of the book and some individual chapters are not directly historical at all, so to speak, and talk more in argumenattive current and future context.

People have been quoted repeatedly for stating the same position, as if endorsements from historical figures confirm anything. But as a fellow human, I understand that he is a wonderful human being. Let me feel with unalloyed gladness that all the great glories of man are mine. The openness of faith Sen was exposed to led him to a muscularly, militantly secular bent of mind.